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Tour To Australia –

Australia has some of the world’s most distinctive and diverse natural environments, with unique wildlife, and spectacular landscapes, including many national parks and World Heritage Areas.

In these areas you can get up close to our native plants and animals, explore wide open spaces and discover ancient rain forests on the fringe of modern cities. You can also climb snow-capped mountains and swim in some of the most pristine water environments on earth.

Here are just a few of Australia’s iconic natural experiences you won’t want to miss.

Tour to Singapore –
Singapore is a dream country for the tourists to visit. With the increasing tourist flow from various countries to Singapore, it is easier and faster to get a Singapore tourist visa for Assessment Level 1 countries passport holders. According to assessment level countries different rules apply for the entry pass. All visitors to Singapore must meet the entry requirements. You should also ensure that your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of entry in Singapore. You should have return ticket (if applicable) with sufficient funds.

Tour to Canada –
Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada has beautiful landscapes and unique sites for travelers to explore. Canada has a large domestic and foreign tourism industry. Canada have four largest metropolitan areas, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa, well known for their culture, diversity, as well as the many national parks and historic sites. Every visitor must apply for visa before appearing at a Port of Entry (POE). The Canadian Tourist visa application involves a two-step to follow .The foreign national must first submit a visa application with all proper documents to the responsible Canadian visa office which will be followed up by interview. At the port of entry an immigration officer will question the applicant to ensure admissibility. Tourist visa may be for single entry or multiple entry use. Tourist must fulfill some requirements for getting visa as he /she must be healthy, must have a valid passport, proof of who you are or other travel documents, financial report etc.